That mobile device

don't work 4 Rich.

Use a real machine.

Rich Silverstein answers to nobody.

And that nobody could be you.

Master the six requirements.
And you might just become
his next assistant.


Be Organized

Rich likes his affairs in order.
And his assistant as OCD as possible.

Arrange his pencils from blue to green.


Sweat the Details

Rich obsesses over details.
You should too.

Which explosion is more explosion-y? Listen carefully.


Manage Contacts

Rich is supremely important.
You have to be a great gatekeeper.

  • Too $hort
  • Kim Jong Un
  • Jeff Goodby
  • Felix
  • Carla

Arrange his VIPs in order of importance.


Take A Message

Rich gets a lot of calls.
And answers none of them.
That's what you're for.

Our mailroom guy is on the phone.
Press the red button to start.


Remember Names

Rich doesn't remember names.
That's your job.

  • Barbro
  • Gareth
  • Shane
  • Heidi
  • Chun-Ting

Memorize these names in 3 seconds.

Re-enter their names.


Be Brief

Rich doesn't have time for elevator pitches.
So tweet yours @ #work4rich



Slow down, turbo.
You must complete all challenges
in order to apply.

Congratulations. You survived.
Our super computers are processing your score right now.
Check your inbox for confirmation and next steps.